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I was born in 1978 in Cosenza, a town in Southern Italy’s region of Calabria. Passionate and deeply interested in the hidden workings and balancing rules of Nature since In 2001 I started taking short videos of the wilderness around me and the small creatures living in it. My beginnings in true photography came during the digital era - this has made it much easier for me to explore this branch of the art, which is for me a never-ending search, an endless source of new experiences, learnings and emotions, and above all a medium through which I can attempt to get closer and closer to Nature, in my continuous attempt to understand it better and more intimately. Besides photography, I spend a lot of my spare time as a volunteer with several environmental associations, as I am firmly convinced something can and should still be done to preserve Nature - and consequently ourselves - from the current malaise. My website is borne out of my desire, then, to share this deep passion of mine and - in my own modest way - to sensibilize the public at large towards Nature and the need to respect it.

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